Workshop on Cryptography for the Internet of Things

November 20 - 21, 2012, Antwerp, Belgium

Network of Excellence in Cryptology

ECRYPT's virtual lab VAMPIRE organizes CIoT - Cryptography for the Internet of Things.

CIoT will start Tuesday morning. The workshop will end with the afternoon coffee break on Wednesday. There will be around 12 invited talks.


Today the Internet is connected to your smartphone. The "Internet of Things" will go much further, also connecting your refrigerator, your car, your coffee machine, your door locks, your aquarium, your pacemaker, your lights, your luggage, and your wallet.

Now imagine that your alarm clock wakes you up three hours early. Your coffee machine is making decaf, American style. Your smart fridge has deep-frozen your milk. Your stereo is playing "Never Gonna Give You Up" while your lights are strobing "Disco Inferno". Your toaster has been running all night and burned itself out. Your shower seems to work for thirty seconds and then blasts you with ice-cold water. Your aquarium thermostat has frozen your pet goldfish. A sweet smell is coming from the basement, where your smart heat lamps have set your marijuana plants on fire (Netherlands readers only). Your robotic vacuum cleaner has grabbed your cat and deposited it in the microwave. Your front door doesn't open. Your car is taking a joy ride. Your television set is flashing "Do you want to play a game?" in a spectrum of colors. Your bank account is empty.

You aren't just having a bad day. You've been 0wned. Pranksters driving by have sent radio signals that seem to come from your smartphone, and devices throughout your house have followed the instructions in those radio signals. The Internet of Things has no protection against attack.

Cryptography is designed to scramble communication, making your private messages incomprehensible to eavesdroppers and at the same time protecting those messages against forgery. But fitting cryptography into the Internet of Things poses tremendous challenges. Today's cryptography is too big; today's cryptography is too slow; today's cryptography consumes too much power.

This workshop will explore state-of-the-art efforts to integrate cryptography into the Internet of Things, and directions for future research and development.

Workshop venue:

CIoT will take place November 20 and 21 in the Radisson Blu Park Lane Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium.
Standard rooms are available for 109 EUR/night (+2 EUR city tax per person per night). Superior rooms are available for 139 EUR/night (+2 EUR city tax per person per night). Both rates apply for single and double occupancy and include breakfast and access to the Health and Leisure Center.
The rates are valid for bookings made by November 6. Contact the hotel by Email or by phone +32 3 2858871. Please mention booking number 1417722 and Universiteit Eindhoven when placing your booking.

Program Committee:

  • Daniel J. Bernstein (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA and Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  • Tanja Lange (Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  • Christof Paar (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
  • Bart Preneel (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)


For further information please contact

tanja (at) hyperelliptic (dot) org


ECRYPT Logo CIoT is organized within ECRYPT - European Network of Excellence for Cryptology. The workshop is an activity of ECRYPT's VAMPIRE - Virtual Application and Implementation Research Lab. We acknowledge the support by the European Commission under the ICT program, ICT-2007-216676.
TUE We acknowledge organizational support from Coding theory & Cryptology group, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

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