Program for SPEED 2007

Monday, June 11
08:30 registration
08:55 opening
09:00 Torbjörn Granlund
GMP small operands optimization
Is arithmetic assembler automatically optimal?
10:00Ashraf Abusharekh and Kris Gaj
Comparative Analysis of Software Libraries for Public Key Cryptography
10:25coffee break
10:55Go Yamamoto, Satoshi Oda, and Kazumaro Aoki
Fast Integrity for Large Data
11:20Sören Rinne, Thomas Eisenbarth, and Christof Paar
Performance Analysis of Contemporary Light-Weight Block Ciphers on 8-bit Microcontrollers
11:45 Matt Robshaw
The eSTREAM Project
14:30Daniel J. Bernstein
How fast is cryptography?
15:30coffee break
16:00Pierrick Gaudry and Emmanuel Thomé
The mpFq library and implementing curve-based key exchanges
16:25BAT presentations and announcements
Jintai Ding: Rainbow
Mike Scott: A very short talk on short signatures
Emmanuel Thomé: surf127eps
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange: Elliptic vs. Hyperelliptic Part III - Elliptic strikes back!
Torbjörn Granlund: GMP division improvement
18:45departure from Hotel Victoria Lobby
19:00boat departs to conference dinner
19:30dinner in Restaurant Kelderhof
22:001h boat tour from Kelderhof to conference hotel

Tuesday, June 12
09:10Neil Costigan and Michael Scott
Accelerating SSL using the Vector processors in IBM's Cell Broadband Engine for Sony's Playstation 3
09:35Junfeng Fan, Kazuo Sakiyama, and Ingrid Verbauwhede
Montgomery Modular Multiplication Algorithm for Multi-Core Systems
10:00coffee break
10:30Dag Arne Osvik
11:30Leif Uhsadel, Axel Poschmann, and Christof Paar
An Efficient General Purpose Elliptic Curve Cryptography Module for USNs
11:55Michael Scott
Optimal Irreducible Polynomials for GF(2m) Arithmetic
14:20Daniel Page
Computer Aided Cryptographic Engineering
15:20coffee break & informal discussions