SPEED-CC -- Software Performance Enhancement for Encryption and Decryption and Cryptographic Compilers

ECRYPT's virtual lab VAMPIRE organizes SPEED-CC -- Software Performance Enhancement for Encryption and Decryption and Cryptographic Compilers. This conference comes 2 years after the first SPEED conference in Amsterdam. The first conference addressed the speed of secret-key and public-key cryptography. For this second issue we explicitly broadened the scope to include cryptographic compilers.

On the execution side speed improvements can come from better systems, better algorithms, and better software; on the implementation side, programmer's time is greatly reduced by suitable compiling tools that are architecture aware, automate extra design goals such as side-channel or timing invariance, or can take a complex cryptographic system and break it down to already implemented and well-tested components.

SPEED-CC will start Monday morning at 09:30 with an invited talk, registration opens at 09:00. The workshop will end around 5pm on Tuesday. There will be time for a rump session at which participants can present their latest findings and results. More details to follow soon.
There will be a few invited talks along with contributed talks which are selected based on submitted papers and a refereeing process. (As for all ECRYPT conferences, there will be no formal proceedings for SPEED-CC but a workshop record with all accepted papers.)

Invited Speaker:

Call for papers:

There will be no formal proceedings, but a handout with abstracts will be provided to all participants. (This avoids submissions to SPEED-CC from conflicting with submissions to forthcoming conferences with proceedings).

Call for contributions: SPEED-CC_CFP.txt

SPEED asks for submissions on the following topics:

Important dates:

August 30, 2009: submission of papers
September 13, 2009: notification of acceptance or rejection
September 30, 2009: revised version of accepted papers due
October 12-13, 2009: SPEED-CC workshop in Berlin

The submission should start with a title, a list of the authors together with their affiliations and a short abstract describing the content of the paper. This should be followed by an extended abstract of at least 5 and at most 20 pages including appendices. The authors of accepted papers must guarantee to present their paper at the workshop.
To submit send your contribution to

speed (at) hyperelliptic (dot) org
no later than August 30, 2009, in ps or pdf format. You should receive an acknowledgment of submission no later than one day after submission.

All accepted papers were distributed during SPEED-CC to the participants. This public version of the workshop record contains the papers for which we got permission to put them online. List of accepted papers for SPEED-CC

Program Committee:


The workshop is organized by the European Network of Excellence (ECRYPT). The workshop is an activity of ECRYPT's VAMPIRE - Virtual Application and Implementation Research Lab.

Workshop venue:

SPEED-CC takes place in Berlin, Germany, October 12-13, 2009 in the Radisson BLU. The address is Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 3, Berlin Mitte. SPEED-CC will start at 9:30 on Monday, October 12 (registration opens at 9:00), and will run until Tuesday 16:30.
Wireless internet access will be provided during the workshop.


For further information please contact

speed (at) hyperelliptic (dot) org


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