Crypto 2013 rump session: Submission form

To request a talk slot at the Crypto 2013 rump session, fill out the following form before Monday 19 August 2013, 22:00 Santa Barbara time. Some submissions may have to be rejected because of time constraints; please remember that the rump session is meant for short and entertaining presentations.

The file-switching time before each rump-session talk often seems longer than the talk itself, and often is longer than the talk itself. The Crypto 2013 rump session will attempt to reduce the talk-switching time by concatenating PDFs for adjacent talks. If your slides are suffering from the PDF format, please contact the rump-session chairs (rumpsession at to discuss other options, but submit a PDF in the meantime. If you plan to give a talk without slides, or if you don't have slides ready yet, please prepare and submit one slide stating your name and talk title.

Online updates of slides for previous submissions will be accepted until some time on Tuesday. Updated slides will not be accepted on USB sticks or by email.

Submission ID to make a new submission:

Submission ID to view/revise/withdraw an existing submission:

Requested minutes for talk (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7):

Example: 7


Example: The end of SHA-3


Example: Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Mihir Bellare, Jon Callas, Niels Ferguson, Praveen Gauravaram, Luca Henzen, Lars Ramkilde Knudsen, Tadayoshi Kohno, Stefan Lucks, Krystian Matusiewicz, Willi Meier, Florian Mendel, Raphael C.-W. Phan, Christian Rechberger, Martin Schläffer, Bruce Schneier, Søren S. Thomsen, Jesse Walker, Doug Whiting, Hongjun Wu


Example: John Kelsey

Email address (not for publication) for confirming submission:

Name of PDF file with slides to upload:

I am the speaker. I understand that rump sessions are often webcast and recorded.

Please include the audio and video of my talk in the online record of the rump session, if there is an official recording.

Please include these slides in the online record of the rump session.

Brief summary (not for publication) of this talk:

Example: It turns out that there is a fast preimage attack on full-round Keccak.

Explanation (not for publication) of why this talk belongs in the rump session:

Example: News. Found this result four weeks ago.
Example: Advertising result that appeared at TCC 2013.
Example: Have already bribed the rump-session chairs.
Example: Has been accepted for the NIMBioS Investigative Workshop on Analyzing Animal Vocal Communication Sequences, which really is listed in the IACR calendar. Seriously. It will be in Knoxville in late October and promises to be a fantastic workshop.
Example: Will be funny, I promise.
Example: Was unfairly rejected from the regular program.